Life in Bangkok#1

Bangkok a sleepless city and a dream destination for tourist and expats. A city with easy access to great food from street food to high-end, tones of activities all year round and great nightlife. 


If you come to Bangkok you should try all kinds of food. The city offers variety of food from the streets to the world class. For me, I go for all kinds of food, just depends on my mood that day, but I do try variety of food.

My favorite Thai salad is Corn salad with salted eggs (Som tum khao pod kai kem). The salad is exactly the same as Papaya salad except it’s with corn instead of papaya. This salad has corn, papaya, tomato, green bean, peanut, dried shrimp, lime, chill, fish sauce and cane sugar.


Depending on the shop, they offer a variety or single type of corn in the salad. Personally I like having variety, different corn gives different texture. The yellow corn is sweet and juice, white and black are very chewy similar to glutinous rice. Salted egg are preserved duck eggs.


Corn salad with salted eggs (Som tum khao pod kai kem) 40 baht.

Alongside the salad is BBQ catfish. You might think it looks unappetizing, but the taste is better than it looks. By barbequing the fish with charcoal it gives that extra lift in taste and makes the meat sweet and soft.  I only eat the meat, the stomach does have a bitter taste.

The sticky rice is to tie the dishes together. I prefer to eat black sticky rice, but they don’t sell here. Sometimes instead of sticky rice I would eat fermented rice noodles

BBQ catfish 45 baht, Sticky rice / fermented rice noodles 10 baht

Shopping – Daiso Haul

One of my favorite shop to visit is Daiso, there’s a shop in most department store. They sell all kinds of products such as bake equipment’s, gardening equipment’s, all size of plastic boxes, plates, glass and many more. Most products are 60 baht. Some of the products are imported from Japan. My most recent purchases are Popsicle molds, rolling pin, small sauce bottles, plastic box and gardening scissors. 


Our Mini Farm

Our mini organic farm. After the construction we will start cleaning up and planting. We are thinking to divide the area into 4 main sections the fruit, vegetable, water recycling and large trees.

The front area will be the fruit and large trees. Some of the trees we were looking at are Jack fruit, dragon fruit, lime and coconut. 


Our office, bath room and a little pavilion. The is still under construction. Currently the workers are using the space to sleep at night.


This section at the back will be vegetable garden and nursery. We will start organizing the back probably in 2 weeks.


There’s a canel behind the farm, we’re hoping to recycle the water by using Amazon Lotus. 






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