No Bake Key Lime Pie

No oven required for this sour treat. The sourness compliments the butteriness and sweetness of the condense milk, butter and whip cream. The lime zest also make a great fragrance throughout every bite.

Butter, melted 55g
Sugar 10g
Cracker 80g
Whipping cream 185g
Condense Milk 100g
Lime juice 100g
Lime zest 1


  1. Prepare 2 pie dishes, 4 inch in diameter
  2. Roll cracker and sugar into crumbs, then place into a bowl with melted butter combine until it’s a wet sand mixture
  3. Divided crumbs into pie dishes, then press the crumbs making sure it’s firmly packed. Freeze about 1 hours.
  4. Microwave the lime juice until it reaches 10g then add to condense milk and stir until combine
  5. Whip the cream until soft peak then rest it in fridge
  6. Remove pie from freezer, place condense milk on top of the crumbs then follow with whip cream, refrigerate for about 4 hours sprinkle with lime zest then its ready to dig in!





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