Mar 2017 Favorites

I haven’t update my beauty products for a while, So this blog I’ll be dedicating to my March range of favorites products. I have started using some new products the last month.

My first to go product of the month is Pelican Charcoal Hair Shampoo Scalp Care Peat Stone, I have been using this brand product for few years now. I personally like Japanese shampoo, it makes my hair feels very light and not oily.


For my body wash I’ve been addicted to baby body wash, Dermapon. It has ph 5.5, milk and vitamin e, which helps with softening the skin just like a baby, additionally its also very mild. My skin doesn’t dry off during the day.


Many of my friends use Physiogel as their face cleanser, everyone kept saying I should try it out, so I did and now I’m in love with the cleanser. Because I live in a hot and humid country, I tend to get rashes on my face quite often, this cleanser actually helps.


My last product is an exfoliating mask by Uriage. I got introduce to this brand when I was living in Paris, their products are quite mild. I exfoliate 3 times a week before washing my face. The product smooth off my skin quite well and slightly helps with minimizing pours.






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