Chumporn Diving Trip

Mid of March I had the chance to join a scuba diving trip down to Chumporn. It was a 7 hours’ drive from Bangkok.

My day started at 7.30am with a Thai style breakfast at the hotel. Then at 9am we’re off to our boat. The boat was divided into 2 levels, the top deck was open air and the bottom deck. The lower deck got divided into wet zone and air condition room. The wet zone has 2 bathrooms and the platform. The top deck was where our lunch was served.

So the first thing I did as soon as we got on board was to assemble my dive gear and camera which took around 20 minutes. Then after that would be to relax, I pretty much slept through the ride. The boat ride took around 1 hour to the dive site at Koh Ngam Yai and Koh Ngam Noi. The dive masters came around 15 minutes before arriving telling us to get dress. Once everyone was ready it’s time to jump in! The water was slightly murky. We swam around in circles searching for local marine life from mini size to humongous!

CR pictures: Pandadumnam






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