Goose berries and Passion fruit jam

Goose berries and Passion fruit jam

It’s the season for goose berries and passion fruit here in Thailand. So why not make jam while everything is still cheap!! This recipe is for best to be serve alongside with desserts and soda mix as it’s very sour. You can increase the sugar level to your taste, sugar can also be substitute with other sweetener such as honey, mango, syrup and maple syrup if you want to be a bit fancy.

Watch how I make it!

Goose berries no skin 270g

Passion fruit with seeds 550g

Gelatin 15g Gelatin mass recipe

Icing sugar 56g

Sugar 70g (Increase sugar if you don’t like sour)

Salt 3g

Corn Flour 1 teaspoon

Cold water 2 teaspoon


1. Prepare boil water, ice water and sterilized jar

2. Use a paring knife to mark ‘x’ on the tip of goose berries and blanch for 20 second. Then place into ice water before peeling off the skin and cut the core

3. Place the berries and passion fruit in pot, reduce the mix 410g


4. Dissolve the corn flour with water

5. Add 2 teaspoons of corn flour, icing sugar, sugar, salt and gelatin into the pot stir until everything dissolve and boil


6. Place jam in sterilized jar, leave to cool completely before refrigerate



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