Aloe Vera Oil

Never knew that Aloe Vera Oil exited, until I found the oil online from my usual shop. As some of us (including me) know Aloe vera doesn’t have any oil it only contain gel, however the manufacturer found a way to extract the oil. From my research they use another type of oil to extract the oil from the plant.

I have been in love with this oil for about 2 years now, mix it with cream and gently apply on the face and body. The oil helps with hydrating, wrinkles and reducing scares. Even though I don’t have any wrinkles and scar on my face, I still apply the oil every night for prevention.  I do have a go-to cream for anti-wrinkles and reduce scars. Applying the cream and oil helps the healing process faster.

Currently I have scars on my both of legs from ingrowing hair, so I apply the few drops of oil with the body cream day and night. The wound and irritation has healed, the scars will need few more months.




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