Chiang Mai Day 3 of 3 days


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I was in Chiang Mai at the beginning of February. The weather was great, slightly hot during the day and cooler at night (a light cardigan would have been great). We only had 3 days so we had to spend it very wisely. I have divide this Chiang Mai blog into 3 post, please stay tune for other posts. Additionally, I’ll be linking loss of extra information under each place I have visited. If you want more information please leave comments below.

Day 1: Wat Phra That Doi Khum, Mueang On Cave, Huen Phen and Evergreen

Day 2: Doi Ang Khang National Park, Hinoki House, Wat Den sali and Pizza

Day 3: Organic Farm Restaurant, Doi Suthep Temple and Roof Top Bar


We started the day at 12pm for our third day, but it was a productive day, manage to complete the list. A chilled last day in Chiang Mai. We started off by picking up a car at the airport, then stop by for lunch at Ohkaju Organic Farm Restaurant. We ordered pork chopped, 2 types of fishes, fruit salad and fresh juice.


After a full stomach, we drove to Doi Suthep Temple. This temple is a ‘must visit’ temple in Chiang Mai. The temple is known for the Golden Spire, which is noticeable from the distance. I’ll believing more information about the temple in the links below.

Link: Visit Chiang Mai


Then we checked into a retro style hotel, Yesterday Hotel


Later that evening we went on a stroll to Guu Fasion Roti and Tea nearby our hotel. Every visit to Chiang Mai, this would be on our visiting list.


After our snacks, we decided to visit a Rooftop bar at Myst MAYA Chiang Mai


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