Chiang Mai Day 2 of 3 days

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I was in Chiang Mai at the beginning of February. The weather was great, slightly hot during the day and cooler at night (a light cardigan would have been great). We only had 3 days so we had to spend it very wisely. I have divide this Chiang Mai blog into 3 post, please stay tune for other posts. Additionally, I’ll be linking loss of extra information under each place I have visited. If you want more information please leave comments below.

Day 1: Wat Phra That Doi Khum, Mueang On Cave, Huen Phen and Evergreen

Day 2: Doi Ang Khang National Park, Hinoki House, Wat Den sali and Pizza

Day 3: Organic Farm Restaurant, Doi Suthep Temple and Roof Top Bar


Our Second day started at 4am. It was crazy early, but worth it. Thank god we had a driver. We took a 3 hours road trip to Doi Ang Khang National Park. We had a pit stop half way at Chiang Daoi, it was super cold the temperature was around 10 degrees, I didn’t have any cardigan which was the stupidest mistake I have done in a very long time, and whilst I was packing my head was thinking ‘packing for a trip in Thailand.

Doi Ang Khang National Park: The road was very windy and narrow, I would suggest to have a local driver. On our way up the sun was rising, it was worth the effort of waking up at 3am, by the way I slept pretty much 3 quarters of the way whilst my friend entertained the driver. We arrived at Doi Ang Khang around 7.30am, the sun has fully risen but it was still beautiful. The scenery was amazing. We started the day with hot chocolate, a cup of congee and the sun. Actually the weather wasn’t that cold in Doi Ang Khang.

We started at the camp base, then moves around the Ang Khang station, this consist of strawberry field, tea field and winter gardens. Follow the link for more information.

Links: Tourism Thailand  Ang Khang Station

Hinoki House: Our next stop was at Hinoki House. The owner built 80% of the house with Hinoki wood, the wood have a distinctive aroma and made the house very cool. I bought a bottle of shampoo that has Hinoki wood as part of the ingredient. I will make a separate blog about the shampoo.

Link: Hinoki House

Wat Den Sali: Our last stop was at Wat Den Sali. The architecture was extraordinary.

Link: Tourism Thailand

Second night we slept at Mo Rooms, the owner designed the room interior following the 12 Zodiacs. I believe the building has been reconstructed from an old building. It was quite interesting.

For our dinner we had pizza at Street Pizza & The Wine House. We ordered a pizza, fried chicken wings and spaghetti.

We also ended our day with a foot message near the hotel. Can’t remember the name of the shop but the masseur was excellent and it was cheap. I slept half way through my message, super tired.


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