Chiang Mai Day 1 of 3 days

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I was in Chiang Mai at the beginning of February. The weather was great, slightly hot during the day and cooler at night (a light cardigan would have been great). We only had 3 days so we had to spend it very wisely. I have divide this Chiang Mai blog into 3 post, please stay tune for other posts. Additionally, I’ll be linking loss of extra information under each place I have visited. If you want more information please leave comments below.

Day 1: Wat Phra That Doi Khum, Mueang On Cave, Huen Phen and Evergreen

Day 2: Doi Ang Khang National Park, Hinoki House, Wat Den sali and Pizza

Day 3: Organic Farm Restaurant, Doi Suthep Temple and Roof Top Bar

Day1: Map
We took the 9am flight with Nok Air from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, arrived slightly after 10am. We decided to hire a car with a driver for 2 days. First thing first LUNCH (I know I know, it’s not even midday), we decided to go for an authentic traditional northern Thai food at Huen Phen. The food was amazing, I think it’s that Northern Thai food vibe running through me. I have list the things that we ate, try not to dribble while reading.

  1. Nam Phrik Noom Set: chili paste, variety of pork and vegetable
  2. Khao Soi Kai: deep fried noodle, noodle, coconut soup with paste and chicken
  3. Pla Tood Samun Phrai: deep fried fish with herbs
  4. Tub Tim Krob: Water Chestnut and coconut cream

After lunch it’s time to burn out those calories. We visited Wat Phra That Doi Khum and Mueang On Cave.

Wat Phra That Doi Khum which situate on Doi Khum Mountain, this was an easy walk. Follow links for more information Northern Thailand   Tourism Thailand 

Mueang On Cave was more of a hike up the mountain with steps, we didn’t complete the entire hike though. Follow link for more information Bangkok Post 

That afternoon we went into the woods for an afternoon tea at Evergreen Resort & Restaurant. Literally the location is in the middle of the woods. My suggestion would be get a local driver. The road is 50 degree in angle and windy.

Evergreen Resort & Restaurant


We also had a pit stop at Mae Khum Phong Village and Pha Num Rood beautiful little village. There are coffee shops, home stays and little boutique hotels.

Our first night accommodation Pyur Otel. The room was great for couples rather than friends. The bath room was literally see-through, but we managed.


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