Almond meal (from almond milk)

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Almond meal (from almond milk)

I have an obsession with homemade almond milk, it’s a great substitute for milk. However I think the product from the supermarkets and coffee shops are too light in flavor and texture, additionally it’s not 100% almonds. The residue that is left I freeze until I need it for recipes.

Some of the recipes I have been using the almond meal are orange tuiles, chicken stuffing, almond cookies and the list just keeps going.

Roasting Almond meal

  1. Preheat oven to 140c
  2. Place almond on silpat, roast until 70% dry
  3. Turn off the oven, leaving the door closed until the almonds are completely dry
  4. Place roasted almonds in food processor.
  5. To store the meal, keep in an airtight container with silicone gel.

I haven’t tried using them in macaroons, I’ll update if I do.

Let me know some of the recipes you have created with your left over almond meal. Enjoy!!



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